Introducing Hyper-Change, the fastest, most repeatable
quick-change system for form tools!

Imagine tooling changes in less than 10 seconds!

Hyper-Change from Fischer Special Tooling
Put the Hyper-Change to work to:
Reduce labor expense; Eliminate the need for tooling adjustments by high-skilled personnel
Reduce scrap
Improve Ppk
Perfect for LEAN initiatives
Poka-yoke engagement
Off-line presettable
Well-suited for part families
Adaptable to a wide variety of cutting tools
Allows older equipment to compete with new CNC’s
Fully adjustable for taper, height, diameter, and lateral
Decrease cycle time by pushing tools harder and decreasing dwell time
Improve part finish with reduced chatter and tearing
Super rigid construction
Internally coolant-fed
One-handed changeover
Works in RH or LH turn slides (Right side up and inverted positions)
Operator friendly
Loads from front for easy access