Form Cutting Tools from Fischer Special Tooling

Form Cutting Tools

Fischer Special Tooling is the one tooling company to turn to for precision custom form cutting tools. Regardless of the complexity of your part profile, Fischer Special Tooling has the engineering and manufacturing knowhow to provide you with the most complex carbide inserts for dovetail holders in multi-spindle lathes. For high volume, precision turned parts and screw machine insert form tools, we offer layout and design services, expert manufacturing, and dedicated customer service.

We will design the most cost-effective material-removal solution for your high-volume turned parts application. Our engineers will create a custom form tool solution that provides you with the lowest machining process cost per part. Utilizing over 50 years of experience, we will design the highest precision ground form geometries possible using our very unique Swiss profile grinders. The high precision and accuracy of our products create the most repeatable insert form tooling solution for you. This in turn will increase your process capability index (Cp, CpK, & PpK).

Fischer Special Tooling offers micro-geometry edge preparation, chip breakers, and select PVD coatings to provide maximum tool life and chip formation for your specific material cutting application. These thoroughly engineered geometries will decrease your machine cycle time by maximizing the rate of material removal. Our custom solutions will also reduce chatter and tearing to improve your part finishes. For increased production and less downtime when using precision form cutting tools, choose Fischer Special Tooling.

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